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The CCAB is an organization dedicated to helping provide the resources our K-12 student athletes need to be the best they can be.  Over $140,000 is required each year to provide our athletes with uniforms and equipment, pay coaches salaries, pay referees and maintain fields.  For this reason, your support is so important and most appreciated.

The quality and success of our athletic programs relies upon the continued support of the Panther community.  The more members we have the stronger we become as an organization and the more support we can extend to our student athletes.  Thank you for your past and continued support.

CCAB Board Members
Front row left to right: Denise Bellamy, Deb Kyle, Gia Lynch, Chris Mielke, Michele Gallagher
Back row left to right: Jarrod Gennari, Kevin Pelz, Rick Lynch, Kevin Youskievicz, Dennis Gnage
Members not pictured: Steve Ritzenthaler, Todd Parish, Jason Crooks, Brad Wimmer, Tim McClung, Jim Green
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