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Sandusky Central Catholic High School

410 West Jefferson Street

Sandusky, Ohio 44870




For admissions information contact Chrissy Snow at 419.626.1892 ext 311 or by email

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Mr. Geoff Palmer '80 Head of School/President Email
Rev. Jeffery J. Walker, STL Priest Leader Email
Mr. Ryan Wikel '99 High School/Middle School Principal Email
Mrs. Paula Roth '72 Interim Elementary Principal Email
Mr. Mike Roth '70 Interim Athletic Director Email
Mr. Toby Notestine '71 Dean of Students Email
Mrs. Brittany Sternberg Director of Campus Ministry Email
Mrs. Lisa MacMurray '01 Assistant Principal PK-5 Email
Ms. Meagan Howman '08 Director of Guidance Email
Mr. Tim Riedy '02 Director of Facilities and Infrastructure Email
Mr. Tad Windau '74 Chief Financial Officer Email
Mrs. Jeanette Hrovatich '79 Development Director Email
Mr. Chad Kresser '87 Marketing Director Email
Mrs. Chrissy Snow Admissions Director Email
Ms. Rita Dominick '66 Administrative Assistant Email
Mrs. Rebecca Gerhardstein Finance Email
Mrs. Jillian Gill Executive Administrative Assistant Email
Mr. Gary Koelsch '64 Maintenance Email
Mrs. Heather Kromer Administrative Assistant Athletics Email
Mr. Chuck Lococo '53 J.H. Athletic Director Email
Mrs. Diane Marcus Finance Email
Mrs. Jodi Parish '85 Receptionist Email
Mrs. Cindy Roth School Nurse Email
Mrs. Lois Walsh Administrative Assistant & ASP Clerk Email
Ms. Lori Rhodes '83 Preschool Aide Email
Mrs. Mandy Fleck '81 Preschool Aide Email
Ms. Trudy Fleck '14 Preschool Aide Email
Mrs. Jody Kearney Preschool Aide Email
Mrs. Denise White Preschool Aide Email
Mrs. Peg Mohr Preschool Teacher Email
Mrs. Casey Stower Preschool Teacher Email
Mrs. Amanda Strauser Preschool Teacher Email
Mrs. Heather West Preschool Teacher Email
Mrs. Jane Gosser Kindergarten Teacher Email
Mrs. Cindy Smith Kindergarten Teacher Email
Mrs. Vicki Bickley Preschool - 7th Grade Art Teacher Email
Mrs. Deb Kessler '83 1st Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Betty Myers 1st Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Andrea Berlin '91 2nd Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Margaret Drew 2nd Grade Teacher Email
Ms. Lori Kimberlin '99 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Amy Murphy 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Audrey Wobser 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Janelle White 4th Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Sue Wood 4th Grade Teacher Email
Ms. Mary Anne Doerner 5th Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Niki Yacobozzi 5th Grade Teacher Email
Mrs. Julie Goins STREAM Lab Coordinator Email
Mrs. Jody Nave Elementary Music Teacher Email
Ms. Abby Lochotzki Physical Education Teacher Email
Mr. James Attinger Middle School & High School Math Email
Mrs. Julia Brown '77 Middle School & High School Theology Email
Ms. Lena Camella Middle School Language Arts Email
Mrs. Torie Ferris Middle School & High School Science Email
Mrs. Jessica Lewis '91 Middle School Math Email
Mrs. Sarah Meyer Middle School Language Arts & Science Email
Mr. Chip Shope Middle School Social Studies Email
Mrs. Shelley Veverka Middle School, High School Teacher Email
Mr. Thomas Link '67 PPC Tutor Email
Mr. Brian Ferber '10 Intervention Specialist Email
Mrs. Sukie Finneran '90 Intervention Specialist Email
Mrs. Tracie Fetter '91 Intervention Specialist Email
Mrs. Valerie Burch Intervention Specialist Email
Mr. Tony Legando Math Enrichment Tutor Email
Mr. Bernie Seiler Math Tutor Email
Mr. Matt Hadsell Band and Choir Director Email
Mr. Perry Fraylick High School Math Email
Ms. Tara Habenicht High School Science Email
Mrs. Amanda Kovach High School Science Email
Ms. Kathryn Machcinski High School English Email
Mr. Phill Miller High School Theology Email
Mr. John Murray High School English Email
Mrs. Lizabeth Fresch High School French Email
Mrs. Ana Sanchez High School Spanish Email
Mrs. Kathy Goff '73 High School History Email
Mr. Steve Kohler High School History Email
Mrs. Stacy Kuhn High School Math Email
Mrs. Brooke Riedy ESL, English Email
Ms. Gina Rosta 8th - 12th Grade Art Teacher Email
Mrs. Jennifer Grude High School Business Teacher Email
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